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10 Must-Have Women Tops to Look Sassy in Summer 2020

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With summer just around the corner, beauties are gravely concerned about what to wear to completely slay the season.

Everybody loves summer, the sun shines so bright and everything around pushing you to go outdoors, doing picnics, spend time near the sea, and enjoy a soothing sunbath.

Unlike men, women have the privilege or luxury, you could say, of having manifold options when it comes to our wardrobe, and we’re so grateful! But having too many alternatives could often land us in trouble and every morning we just cannot afford to spend hours choosing the right summer apparel. 

And consequently, we end up putting the same top that we wore yesterday and the vicious cycle goes on. 

But not anymore!!

It’s time to bid adieu to all your outfit concerns as this post has come to enlighten you with 10 must-have beautiful women tops that will make you simultaneously look sassy and feel comfortable. 

Let’s discuss them in detail. 

1. Crop Top: As we officially entering the warm weather, it’s time to take out those crops! If you want to show your beautiful belly and look sexy and seductive, then crop top is an ideal choice. And you don’t need extremely flat belly or abs to flaunt these tops. It usually comes with short sleeves that make it comfortable to wear.

Style Tip: Pair a crop top with ripped or skinny jeans to define your waist and finish the look with Pumps or Sneakers. 

2. Tank Top: Beat the heat with tank tops. Be it a casual outing, date, or any special occasion, flaunt your smooth arms in the sleeveless top that has different styled necks, i.e. round, squared, and scooped neck!

Style Tip: Pair this top with Shorts or Palazzo and consider sneakers, Flip Flops, or Flat Bellies for an elegant look. 

3. Cami Top: Want to be the center of attraction at every occasion? If so, buy Cami top and maximize your wardrobe. It has square or round neck and strap shoulders that completely slays any occasion. It generally stretches till the pelvic region and let you flaunt belly. 

Style Tip: It’s time for you to look your best version with a deadly combination of a Cami top, shorts, and flat sandals. 

4. One Shoulder Tops:  It is indeed a good idea to refresh your wardrobe with a one-shoulder top this summer. Be it full, ruffled, sleeveless, it can come with great variations that flaunt one side of your shoulder. Enhance your look to create a complete diva vibe around!

Style Tip: Team it up with a pair of distressed denim and finish it with flats or heels to block that sun from stealing your thunder! 

5. Wrap Tops: There’s nothing better than wrap top to make your summer a relaxing one. Due to the overlapping style, it forms a v-neck that looks stunning! They are breathable and the best part about them is that they complement every body type.  

Style Tip: Grab a wrap top and pair it with a floral maxi dress, skirt, or jean, and don’t forget to wear either flat Sandals or sneakers. 

6. Peplum Tops:  This cute garment is popular among short ladies as it does make you stand tall above the rest. Peplum tops are precisely excellent for those who want to hide their belly fat but still look stylish. 

Style Tip: Pair it with trousers or ripped jeans or shorts and finish the look with wear boots or pumps footwear. 

7. Lace Top: If you want to stand out in the crowd then you should try a lace top. Besides georgette or denim fabric, the lace pattern is worth trying on every occasion. Just add a touch of liveliness to your look and take it to the next level. 

Style Tip: Team it up with shorts or skinny jeans and finish the look with sneakers or heels- whatever you feel like. 

8. Tube Top: If you want to flaunt your sexy shoulders, then this top is an ardent pick for you. Show your flirty side with tube tops that come with elasticated neck which is just above the bust and covers your upper torso.

Style Tip: Consider tight jeans, or short skirts or long skirts and try sneakers or heels for an exceptional look.

9. Maxi Top: Make everybody’s head turn around with maxi top that has the looks to die for. It has a slit at one side from your waist to your ankles. It can be either full sleeves or sleeveless with variations in neck design, too.

Style Tip: Pair a maxi top with skinny jeans and heels to be the trendsetter among your group.

10. Shirt Style Top: Shirts have always been in vogue. Be it full sleeves, sleeveless, full buttoned style or half buttoned placket, shirt style top will never let you down on any occasion! The shirt pattern top has always been everyone’s beloved and compliments every body type.

Style Tip: Wear it with skinny jeans or slit skirt and use heels as footwear for a graceful look. 

It takes a good fashion sense, experience, and choice to be a bona fide fashionista. Pull up your fancy pants and use every top like a Pro.

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