Our success and company history.

About Our Online Store

250 Designs are an exclusive western wear women’s online shopping women brand offering latest fashion contemporary clothing for modern women. We at 250 Designs are a young & dynamic team with the dream to become a renowned name in fashion industry. 250 Designs pride itself on offering latest trends style and wide range of contemporary clothing for the women who are both the dreamers and the doers. 250 Designs adheres to the concept that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion". The brand is meant to provide its customer's value along with satisfaction for their globally-synced fashion sense. 250 Designs as a brand has been conceptualised as an ode to the Glamour and Compassion quotient of women. The brand (250 Designs) is a direct reflection of a woman’s desires, dreams, hopes, and triumphs, hence every single piece is designed distinctively and qualitatively by a team of expert professionals of fashion industry & clothing online.


250 Designs online shopping for women having wide range of latest fashion, we are manufacturing latest trends of women western wear only. 250 designs is online shopping site of one roof clothing online. Merchandisers, designers, quality engineers and product development experts work with factories to ensure products meet the requirements. Once the designs has been prototyped the product officially enters into the production chain. At the point advanced equipment and professional handiwork come into play. We pay special attention to details like fastening and ironing, so we can present to you a flawless design of women's clothing.

Product Design

250 designs online shopping for women of wide range of latest trends , latest fashion women western wear clothing online website and provide quality of product. From concept to design brief, the design process translates trends into products that meet the needs of today's demanding consumer. Before we make our product available to you, our professional designers perform rigorous quality assurance tests to approve every item of clothing. We invite models to try on the clothes and consider the overall look. We continually modify the clothing item until the look is perfect. Our products often go through multiple changes and transformations before it is available for sale. Only the product are listed on our website.


Finding the right materials and factories that share our commitment to quality product, compliance and sustainability is a fundamental activity. When selection fabric manufacturer to work, we have been through many waves of partnerships over the years. In addition to the style and design, we put a great deal of value into fabric quality. We want our customers to feel comfortable, as if they are being hugged by our clothing online. At the same time, we don’t want to increase the cost or production and therefore, the price for our customers. After comparing many manufacturers, and after much trial and error, we have found a good balance between quality and cost and have established stable operations with our current producers

Product Inspection

250 Designs carry out quality inspection of all of our products before officially introducing them to the market. We check for style, color, sizing, workmanship, and quality, etc. in order to eliminate any and all problems. We take measures to ensure that all of the cutting, sewing and ironing meet our quality requirements. There are ideal position for each of these stages of production. Our team follow guidebooks to ensure flawless appearance if the finalised product. After the quality inspection, each product is sent to our warehouse, where our team will review the product again during the packaging stage. Although we take many steps toward quality assurance, occasionally something will slip. If you are ever dissatisfied with your product, we invite you to contact our customer service.